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Instantly Connecting Buyers to You.

The National Association of Realtors tells us that 74.8% of all buyers buy from the first Realtor they come in contact with. This means you need to get to potential buyers early in the buying cycle if you are going to be their Realtor.

When people are thinking of buying they check out properties for sale as they drive and travel around the area. Many times they will go for a drive just to look and see what’s available. Whenever they find a property of interest, the first question almost everyone asks is “How Much”. By giving them an easy way to receive this information we can prompt a response, allowing you to receive a lead and establish a relationship with the buyer before they become committed to a different Realtor.

How Does It Work?

You add a rider to your yard sign (or additional sign) offering to provide the Price and Other Info via text.

The home seeker then sends a text message with a unique property code.

You immediately receive a text message with the home seeker’s contact info along with the listing ID on your cell phone and via email. Remember, these are home seekers, on the ground, who have requested info on a listing they have driven past. This is not a generic internet lead from someone who may never visit your area.

The prospective client instantly receives the listing information they requested with a link to the listing on your website.

Your job as the Realtor is to contact the home seeker and make them YOUR CLIENT.

Step One

step 1

Step Two

Realtor® instantly receives lead via email and text message

step 2

Step Three

Prospect receives listing info on cell phone

step 3

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